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PMV Security has been founded and developed for over 12 years. With a wide range of services, PMV Security has achieved the “Trusted Brand” prize in 10 consecutive years and other awards from local and foreign organizations

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PMV has been providing its Security services to more than 300 Clients. We offer not only the security of goods and assets, but also high responsibility and good serving style.

Devotion All Day And Night

PMV Security ensures our managers are always available and willing to receive your questions or requests through Hotline numbers, Email, Online Chat, etc. We commit to meet all of your demands anytime and anywhere.

Apartment security | How to feel secure in your apartment

Nowadays, apartments or building blocks are springing up. With that rapid development, ensuring security and order also needs to be focused on. Therefore, professional apartment security services in Ho Chi Minh City appear to meet the demand of residents. Moreover,…

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Female security guard | Can women work in the security industry?

Gender discrimination has been mentioned in the mass media as well as on many kinds of social platforms. People often have the conception that women are meant to do simple things and be the homemaker in a family. Men will be…

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Office security | What are the main security positions?

Our society is getting more and more developed. In large cities and municipalities, offices have sprung up like mushroom. Therefore, demand for using security services is also getting higher. In the age of global integration, office security services have also…

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Warehouse security | Protection for the warehouse

“Warehouse” is a building where large quantities of goods are stored, especially before they are sent to shops to be sold. It’s an indispensable part of every factory, shop, supermarket, etc. Goods stored in warehouses often have a high value. Therefore, businesses are…

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Lunar New Year security | Ensure the security during Tet holiday

The Chinese New Year of 2023 falls on January 22nd (Sunday), and the festival will last to February 5th, about 15 days in total. 2023 is a Year of the Cat according to Vietnamese zodiac. The 2023 Lunar New Year holiday schedule was approved by the Prime…

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School security | Professional security services for schools

A school is a place where students acquire the essential knowledge to prepare for the future. To ensure school security and order, having a professional school security team is essential. Proud to be one of the companies providing the best…

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Bank security | Requirements to become a bank security guard

A bank is a place where large amounts of cash assets are concentrated. Therefore, security guards play a very important role in the bank’s operation, which ensures the safety and security of the bank, as well as its employees and clients….

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